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Active Cubs Super Coach

Dear Parents,

My name is Alfia and with my best friend Alfio, we would like to welcome you to our Active Cubs Den, where you can:

  • Search for local sports activity providers
  • Search for local sports and leisure facilities
  • Download free resources to help your kids become more physically active
  • Access money saving discounts on sports activity providers, family days out and sports equipment

Active Cubs are on a very important mission to help get more kids, more active, more often, and we would like you to join us, and become an Active Cubs Super Coach

We would like you to use your ‘Parent Power’ to help support, influence and motivate your own cub and turn them into an Active Cub.

Active Cubs are super awesome because they: 

  • Sleep really well
  • Are happy and confident
  • Have a positive outlook on life
  • Are at less risk of developing type 2 diabetes 
  • Less likely to become overweight
  • Have a low blood pressure and cholesterol level
  • Develop stronger muscles and bones
  • Have a leaner body


Become an Active Cubs Super Coach and help your cubs become Active Cubs!

Yes, you mum and dad, can easily become your cubs Super Coach – and it won’t cost you a penny! You do not need to book yourselves onto any expensive coaching courses, or buy any specialist equipment! All you need is energy, a big smile on your face, and plenty of enthusiasm to support your own cub to become fit and healthy!

To take the first steps of becoming an Active Cubs Super Coach, simply order your FREE Cubs Fitness Pack and work through it with your cubs, offering plenty of words of encouragement to help them get them started! 

An Active Cubs Super Coach will also boost their cubs confidence when you see your cub struggling with a particular exercise, and will offer their cub rewards to help with their on-going motivation levels.

We hope you enjoy looking around our den, and we look forward to supporting you turn your cub, into an Active Cub!

Best wishes

Active Alfia & The Active Cubs Team