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Active Cubs School of Excellence

Is your school committed to educating and promoting promote a ‘whole school’ approach to achieving positive health and education outcomes covering

  1. healthy eating,
  2. physical activity and
  3. emotional health and well-being

If so, you could register to become an Active Cubs School of Excellence for FREE.

Active Cubs would like to promote your school online, and send you a free digital ‘Active Cubs School of Excellence’ certificate, if your school is willing to sign and actively commit to the Active Cubs School Pledge e.g.

Our School pledges to:

  • Motivate all pupils to participate in a minimum of 60 minutes daily physical exercise, which can come in the form of: PE, Before, Lunch, or After School Sports Clubs, Organised physical activity games during lunch break
  • Facilitate and promote at least one different school sports club on each day of the week (Mon-Fri)
  • Encourage parents and pupils to walk, ride or scoot to school (and back home) as part of their daily travel plans
  • Participate in all organised local sports competitions e.g. School Games
  • Promote a healthy school dinners menu which only contains healthy eating and drinking options

Register your interest in becoming an Active Cubs School of Excellence through supporting the Active Cubs mission to get more kids, more active, more often by completing this short form

Active Cubs Schools of Excellence Testimonials 

“Active Cubs is an excellent resource that includes children of all ages. Resources are of the highest quality and support the promotion of physical activity of young children. Highly recommended,” Warfield Primary School, Warfield, Berkshire

“We are really excited about the activities we can use in school and for the parents to help their children become more active at home and to help them get off technology,” Ascot Heath Infants, Ascot, Berkshire

““I have been impressed with the passion their ideas; the Active Cubs brand reaches all of our children and is very inclusive. The simple message of getting everyone active is clear, and a great example is the activity wheel that can be spun by those children who cannot walk to school because their parents have to drive them in. It’s these little ideas that set Active Cubs ideas apart from others. The mental health and wellbeing aspect is also something that really appeals to my school (staff and children) and we are looking forward to exploring it further. We are only in the infancy of our relationship with Active Cubs, but have been very impressed and cannot wait to see more,” Uplands Primary School, Sandhurst, Berkshire

“The Active Cubs Travel to School game works absolute wonders in motivating my class to become more physically active when travelling to school,” St Michael’s Easthampstead Primary School, Bracknell, Berkshire

“I love the engaging brand characters and my pupils are always asking me if they can spin the Active Cubs wheel,” Jennetts Park School, Bracknell, Berkshire

“I really like the different challenges that are set for the children to complete with their families at home. I think this is a really good idea and one that can be used to encourage students to become more active outside of school. I also think it will help with improving the diet of our students,” Kennel Lane Primary School, Bracknell, Berkshire

“The different challenges that are set for the children to complete are really good. As the PE teacher, I think the walk to school boards is a really good idea. Very pleased with the program,” Holly Spring Junior School, Bracknell, Berkshire

“Active Cubs are very inclusive with trying to get all children involved in physical activity and the passion the guys have for it is amazing. The characters are brilliant for engaging the children in helping develop new healthier lifestyle habits,” Great Hollands Primary School, Bracknell, Berkshire

“Active Cubs is a great way for children to enjoy and engage with fitness. It doesn’t bombard children with the usual ‘you must be active’ slogans and instead allows them to engage with health and exercise in a way that speaks to them,” The Pines Primary School, Bracknell, Berkshire  

“Active Club supports the school in providing help to ensure that each and every opportunity is taken to improve the health of the children in our school. Thank you for your innovative, easy to implement initiatives and class ideas,” St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Bracknell, Berkshire

“Active Cubs is a fantastic resource. It is inclusive and it really promotes physical activity and how important it is for young children to be physically active every day!” Wildmoor Heath School, Crowthorne, Berkshire

“At Binfield, the children are enjoying the Travel to School game as it is an incentive to try and be the healthiest class each week the whole year round, as opposed to the walk to school week that only covers a week a year,” Binfield Primary School, Bracknell, Berkshire