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Active Cubs has embarked on an exciting journey to become the world’s number 1 kids health and wellbeing brand to help fight the obesity epidemic for under 11’s.

Active Cubs is a proud British brand which is associated with innovation, entrepreneurialism and is inspiring governments and businesses to work together to harness the power of sport to overcome health issues in modern day society.

The Active Cubs team is made up of proactive and highly energised parents who wanted to create and develop fun ways of inspiring under 11’s to become more physically active, after getting increasingly frustrated with their own kids who were spending too much time being inactive, through either being ‘online’ or watching TV.

So in order to help more under 11’s to get more active, more often, Active Cubs have developed a comprehensive range of health and fitness resources and products which include a:

  • Website
  • App
  • Physical Activity Board Game
  • Physical Activity Calendar
  • Sports Activity Directory
  • Sports Activity Discount Card
  • Fitness Resource Pack
  • Motivational Rewards Programme
  • Primary School Activity Fitness Wheel

In essence the Active Cubs health and fitness brand creates inspiring and motivational products and resources to make it easier for key influencers (parents, teachers, sports activity providers, sports merchants), to help kids become more physically active as part of their daily routines.

Active Cubs target audience consists of 3 key groups to help influence our mission of getting more kids, more active, more often:

  • Parents who have children under the age of 11
  • Primary Schools
  • Partners who either coach under 11’s or sell sports equipment, games, apparel, events etc

Come and join us on our journey to encourage and support parents and schools to educate and promote healthy lifestyle choices to under 11’s.