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Our Active Team

Joel James

Active Warrior

Joel James

Leading the Active Cubs team deliver on our mission to get more kids, more active, more often.

Michael Gbadebo

The Ideas Man

Michael @ Creotec

In charge of product and service development. Responsible for coming up with great ideas to help get more kids, more active, more often.

Neil Harman

Active Press Maestro

Neil Harman

Connecting celebrities and high profile sporting events with the Active Cubs brand to help inspire more under 11’s to become more active, more often.

Steve Ettinger

Fitness Advisor

Steven Ettinger

Providing top tips and guidance to help parents and schools promote physical activities in a fun and safe way.

Annette Du Bois

Confidence Advisor

Aneette Du Bois

Ensuring under 11’s have the confidence to take part in physical activity.

Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Nutritional Advisor

Charlotte Stirlingreed

Creating healthy meal plans which look and taste amazing to help under 11’s develop their bodies, and provide them with the energy levels they need to be able to take part in physical activities.

Maisie Tomlinson

Social Media & Marketing Intern

Maisie Tomlinson

Keeping up to date with all the latest news regarding sports, celebrity sports stars, coaching and child protection.

Anthony Taylor

Mental Toughness & Resilience Advisor

JK Reddy
Providing specific exercises and guidance to help ensure children are mentally equipped to deal with all the challenges that get served up when playing sports.

JK Reddy

App and Tech Super Hero

JK Reddy

Delivering the coolest and most effective app to help engage under 11’s to take part in more physical activities and eat healthier food options on a daily basis.

Matthew Whittle

School Sports Advisor

Matthew Whittle
Advising Active Cubs on how to tailor and implement Active Cubs products,  services and resources to suit a primary school environment, to help make things easier and simpler for teachers to create and deliver key learnings and activities on the benefits of physical exercise and nutrition.